Coronation fun and community

The Huntington & Langham Estate pulled out all the stops for the King’s Coronation. Bunting and face painting brought back memories for many of the Queen’s Coronation street parties from 1953, while the Coronation quiche sparked conversation about traditions both new and old.

Events such as the Coronation are perfect opportunities for people who live and work in care homes to come together as one. Creating decorations together, painting each other’s faces, and chipping in with food preparation; it is not just a good excuse for a celebration (although of course it is!) but a reminder of everyone’s ability to contribute to their community.

Coronation face painting

The Huntington and Langham Estate encourages this type of mutual interaction daily by following a 100-point checklist, which is externally audited by Meaningful Care Matters to ensure it is embedded into the care culture.

Point No. 7 in the checklist is Two-Way Giving, which promotes people living in the home to offer love, care and support to the people working in the home.

This role reversal, of sorts, might sound mundane, or even a little odd, to people independent enough to cook, craft and communicate themselves, but for people in need of care, particularly specialist dementia care, it can bring much needed meaning to their lives and a feeling of being a help rather than a hinderance, which is a fear of so many.

Coronation fun

Not all septuagenarians can be king and serve their country, but even the most reliant care home residents can contribute more than they are often given credit for. Let the Coronation be a reminder that no-one is too old to serve, even if it is a slice of quiche!

You can find out more about our approach to Dementia Care HERE

Butterfly Training Session one

May has seen the start of our 2023 Butterfly project, with our new home action team joined by Sally Knocker from Meaningful Care Matters to deliver session one of the programme.

Butterfly Training Day

With a number of new members of the team if was a fantastic introduction to our approach to Dementia care at Langham Court and a brilliant refresher for the team.

Butterfly Training Session one

The focus of the day was centred around developing listening skills and enhancing our ability to engage with those living with Dementia and each other.

A third focus of the day was using dancing to create meaningful moment and fun to our interactions with each other.

I was inspired by the importance of  enabling the people who live here at Langham Court to have positive experiences, by creating a true and comfortable home environment by focusing on the emotional psychological and spiritual needs of each person, whilst caring for their physical needs.

Helen – Nurse at Langham Court  

Helen - Nurse at Langham Court


The Butterfly approach is intrinsic in the Dementia Care offered at Langham Court, making us stand out as one of the leading specialist dementia care homes.

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Celebrating like Royalty

What a wonderful weekend of Coronation Celebrations we have had across the Estate.  With the bunting up and flag flying over Huntington House, the place was all decked out in Red, White and Blue with the restaurant fit for a New King!

Coronation Celebrations

Everyone had such a fun day on Saturday watching the Coronation on TV, marvelling at the outfits and singing along to the hymns.

For many it was an opportunity for reminiscing about the Queens Coronation all those years ago, when families and neighbours came together to crowd around the TV bought especially or listening to the service over the radio.

Coronation Celebrations

We were also joined earlier in the week by some of the local primary school children who came along to help decorate the lounge window in Huntington House.

With cheers of “God Save The King” it was a very special day for all.

A visit from the Easter Bunny & friends

We had some surprise guests at Huntington House on Easter Monday, including a Rabbit, Hen, Lambs, Guinea pig and lovely white Duck.With memories of reading Beatrix Potter stories and looking family pets to main topics of conversation, the visit brightened up a wet bank holiday.

Animal Fun On The Estate

Animal assisted therapy sessions are a regular event at Huntington House and Langham Court, proving to be a great mood lifter and conversation topic.

Getting up close to the animals and being able to cuddle, stroke and feed them gives a feeling of calm, stimulate the senses and has medical benefits such as lowering blood pressure.

Read more about our recommended therapeutic activities that can nurture your mental health.

Easter Pottery Painting

The crafting continues at The Huntington & Langham Estate after moving seamlessly from making greetings cards for Valentine’s Day to painting pots for Spring bulbs.

The residents at Huntington House have been busy again with a visit from Dolly Pots who run mobile ceramics painting sessions. We spent a lovely morning decorating the plant pots, Easter bunnies and baskets before they then went off to be fired, before being returned in time for planting up and displaying around Huntington House over the Easter weekend.

The painting brought people together and prompted plenty of conversation about the changes of the season and all things Spring, and also offered a sense of purpose for people wanting to continue their love of gardening.

Pottery painting

Moving into a care home is often prompted by the daunting prospect of continuing to look after a whole house and garden independently. However, it doesn’t have to spell the end of a love of gardening.

In fact, many of the bedrooms at The Huntington & Langham Estate have their own manageable garden areas or direct access to an area of patio you can personalise. Indeed, there is also 30 acres of grounds to enjoy as well, with blossom trees in full bloom at this beautiful time of year.

Love is in the care

The origins of Valentine’s Day

As with many traditions, there are several theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. One version claims that Saint Valentine restored the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter and gave her a letter signed ‘Your Valentine’.


Care with hope and love

The team at the Huntington & Langham Estate may not be able to restore people’s eyesight, but they regularly give similar gifts of independence, hope and love to people who need support in various aspects of their lives.

Giving people the freedom of feeling independent is a key part of the Butterfly approach to caring for people living with dementia in Langham Court where care works both ways. Care is not something that should be done to people, but rather an act of kindness that gives everyone a sense of purpose.

Crafting cards and arranging flowers to give as gifts is more than just a fun activity for Valentine’s Day, but an act of kindness that enables people living at Langham Court to care for others even when they need care themselves.

Hearts and craftsLove letters


It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Preparations are underway for decorating the homes ready for Christmas.  With a number of visits to the local garden centre’s and potteries this month.

Bill and Alex went on a recce trip to scout out the lights and tinsel options, as well as a little gift shopping.Christmas Decorating

Mrs Lumley, Miss Wilmott, Veronica and Alex then took a trip to Grayshott Pottery to stock up with more new decorations and of course made time for some tea and cake!

Christmas Decorations

A visit to the Forest Lodge Garden Centre by Elizabeth, June, Veronica and Alex, means we now have a bumper selection of ideas and decorations ready to get the homes into the festive spirit.

Christmas decorations

Watch this space for pictures of how our wonderful homemakers transform the homes into the festive spirit.

Children in Need 2022

For BBC Children in Need this year, the team at Langham Court had a fabulous day in fancy dress costumes of their favourite characters, with delicious biscuits baked by our lovely homemaker Niki.

Everyone made a huge effort and we were all amazed at the transformation into character, with the lovely Natasha and Amanda as Alice in Wonderland characters, Elaine as a buzzy Bee, Paula as Mary Poppins and Bente as a Nun.

Children In Need 2022

Wendy brightened the day as a cheery Pineapple, whilst Abbey was showing off her flexibility in her Spiderman suite – all great fun!

Children In Need 2022 (1)

From the lovely Natasha and Amanda as Alice in Wonderland characters, Elaine as a buzzy Bee, Paula as Mary Poppins.  When Charlie arrived on The Firebolt, from wizarding world the resemblance to harry potter was uncanny!

Raising money for Children in Need was just the icing on the biscuit for the team who entertained the residents throughout the day.

Langham Court team for Children in Need


A day trip to RHS Garden Wisley

One of the benefits of our base in Hindhead is the easy access to some wonderful places for day visits.  RHS Garden Wisley is a firm favourite for residents Christine, Jennifer and Elizabeth, who enjoyed an early September trip accompanied by our Homemakers and Rich.

RHS Garden Wisley

We were delighted to see despite the hot dry summer that the mixed borders were as stunning as ever and following the recommended wheelchair route made our way around the grounds to the restaurant for a well deserved cup of tea and cake!

Reminiscing with Haslemere Museum

The residents had a wonderful morning learning and reminiscing about old household items brought along by Haslemere Museum.

Founded in 1888 by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, the aim of the museum was to encourage learning through the handling of objects.  To this day that ethos remains and we are fortunate to have the team bring along artefacts for the residents to explore on a regular basis.

These reminiscence sessions are always thoroughly enjoyed by the residents of both Langham Court and Huntington House, sharing their knowledge and memories of the items being passed around.

Learning about household items of the past