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Excellent Care in Beautiful Countryside

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane

Turn onto Huntington Drive and wind your way along the shady tree-lined track you’ll experience a sense of calm and well-being like no other as you drive along and the wooded track opens onto 30 acres of the most beautiful Surrey countryside.

The H&L Estate Drive

Country living in Residential Care

With residents coming from their own homes in the countryside or having moved to the country for residential care leaving London and the surrounding boroughs, The Huntington and Langham Estate is a home away from home.

With wide open spaces and accessible grounds, all set in our picture-perfect Estate, it’s no wonder that many of our residents report moving in with us as being a lifestyle choice, as well as the best care decision they could make.

Charlie Hoare MD, explains ” We often get residents choosing the Estate primarily on the location and surroundings.  One gentleman – a former racehorse trainer – was living with Dementia. His family had been to a number of local homes, but what clinched the decision to move to the estate for him and his family was that he could sit on the terrace and look out at our paddocks.  On his first visit to us, as he watched our horses and ponies, he became animated as he talked to our team and shared memories of his working life”.

The Paddock

Acres of space to enjoy.

Being situated within towns, many care homes have limited outdoor space for residents to utilise, as they place a premium on including additional rooms and parking. That’s not an issue for us. We have 30 acres of prime countryside to delight and entice you into the fresh air!

Our Estate is wheelchair accessible with pathways throughout the woods, out to our lake and Shepherd’s Hut, where morning coffee or afternoon tea can be taken. When your family and friends come to visit, you can take them to meet ponies, sheep and other wildlife.  This is a big hit with residents’ grandchildren.

Accessible Pathways around the Estate

In the summer months, groups of residents often sit under the pergola by the lake to have afternoon tea. If you can’t get there under your own steam, our Estate golf buggy will take you there. In the winter, the south-facing terraces of both homes offer a place to sit bundled up cosy and warm on dry days, watching the beauty of our surroundings as the seasons change.

Alfresco dining whatever the season

A fabulous place to work

Our team also love working in such beautiful surroundings. They say that being able to take breaks and lunchtime walks together and with residents is a total joy and fantastic for their mental health.

“If you only want the best care for your loved one, go here! Truly worth a visit for you to experience the incredible culture and special way in which they care for your family member, every day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Huntington & Langham to anyone who is looking at residential care options for general needs, more complex needs and also dementia needs. Beautiful homes, beautiful grounds, beautiful people” Steph Gentle former team member

The power of nature

Year-round, there are a myriad of health benefits for older adults spending time outdoors with sunlight and vitamin D vital for physical and mental health.

Outdoor activity and movement are excellent for preserving muscle mass and improving immunity and balance. Research has shown that going outdoors has similar effects to meditation and can positively influence energy levels and memory, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and boost mood.

We encourage all our residents to take an active part in the Estate, continuing hobbies they enjoyed at home like gardening, exercising, relaxing in the fresh air or even helping out with feeding our Hens!

Outdoor hobbies

Our acres of beautiful grounds are a massive draw to residents and their families; the cherry on the cake is the outstanding care and love that every resident receives.

At the Huntington & Langham Estate, we provide luxury care across our two specialist care homes. Family-owned and run, we offer dignified, compassionate and personalised care to our residents, giving them the nurturing support they need to continue living full, independent and meaningful lives. We are Butterfly and Dragonfly accredited.

To arrange a visit to the Estate and tour our homes and grounds, please call 01428 604 600 or complete this form.