Langham Court

Langham Court is a Butterfly accredited care home

The Butterfly approach is specific to dementia care, and Langham Court has been one of the highest rated Butterfly homes in the country since we opened in 2013.

Resident With Carer Picking Flowers

As a specialist dementia care home, we are immersed in a culture that gives each resident a truly meaningful day, every day, by keeping them connected with their world. Built around love and meaningfulness, Langham Court is a caring, safe and nurturing home for people who require specialist and high dependent dementia care.

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A Butterfly Care Home

The moment you walk into Langham Court you immediately sense a thriving home that expresses the characters and personalities of every individual who live there, while supporting them to stay connected with the things that matter the most to them and their loved ones.

The Butterfly Approach

Everyone deserves to be free to be themselves. That is the essence of the Butterfly approach. Developed by Meaningful Care Matters, the Butterfly approach is built around a person-centred care culture where people are ‘free to be me’.

A Butterfly care home values emotional intelligence, domestic household living, and the core belief that every person living with dementia has a unique story which has meaning and that matters. It focuses on people and their emotions by enabling carers to access the interior world of the person they are caring for.

Butterfly Caring at Langham Court

At Langham Court we live and breathe the Butterfly care culture. We’re a family-run home and we are passionate about providing family-style care. It starts with the team. Every single member of our team – whether you’re a carer, a housekeeper, a nurse, receptionist or cook – demonstrates the core values of Butterfly caring. At Langham Court, if you don’t love and care then you don’t work here. We invest in our staff members, to enable them to provide the best possible loving care to the people who live here.

Butterfly Living at Langham Court

This translates into a beautiful home at Langham Court, where our team members give everyone who lives here unconditional time and love to be themselves. We do this by connecting with each person; getting to know them very well; understanding what matters most to them and always giving them their very own unique care experience, every day.

Butterfly Life is Home-from-Home

We work hard to replicate what home life has always been like and we empower our loved ones to continue living how they wish to, with family-style dining experiences and everyday activities, such as gardening and other favourite past times. We stimulate emotions and mental agility by bringing their world (as they know it) into their daily life at Langham Court.  Some homes refer to activities and interests, we prefer to talk about life and living.

"I would recommend Langham Court unreservedly. I think it's an incredibly beautiful, professional and loving place to have your family member be looked after."

National Dementia Care Awards Finalist 2019
National Dementia Care Awards Winner 2018
Meaningful Care Matters Accreditation 1
Surrey Care Awards Winner 2016
Waverley Borough Council Design Awards

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