Residential Care

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There’s a reason why we’re rated so highly on House offers something very special for anyone seeking residential care in Surrey.

If you need a helping hand with daily tasks such as washing, dressing and other daily living activities, residential care could be ideal for you. With higher-than-average residential to staff ratio, you can be assured that you will receive the very best care to enable you to enjoy life and all the things that matter to you.

Resident Molly With Her Grandchildren

Dragonfly Care Home

We’re the only Level 1 Dragonfly Care Home in Europe, so we genuinely offer a totally unique experience at Huntington House. Practising Dragonfly Care adds another level of ‘wow’ to residential care - something you get an immediate feel of from the moment you step inside Huntington House. You can learn more about life at Huntington House here.

“Mum refers to everyone as ‘friends’ and that includes the staff as well as the people living in the home. It is this blurring which makes Huntington special.” Daughter of woman living in the home

Care at Huntington House

Our care approach starts with a happy and motivated team. Our experienced team includes homemakers, carers, nurses, housekeepers, chef's, receptionists and gardeners to name just a few roles – and they’ve all been handpicked with loving care because they demonstrate the shared values of the estate. We empower our team to “bring all of themselves” to work and we encourage them to connect, to love and to care with every member of our household.

Living in Huntington House

The caring culture we all embrace at Huntington House ensures that every interaction is meaningful. That’s why we employ more staff than most care homes – so that we can give unconditional time and love to each person and focus on what’s important to them in the moment, and not just their clinical needs.

For example, for many getting dressed in the morning is a meaningful event in the day. It involves a conversation about the choice of clothing to suit the day, ensuring each person has full autonomy over the choices they make, starting with how and when they start their day, what they’re going to wear, or if they decide to stay in their pyjamas!

Huntington House a Home-from-Home

We work hard to replicate what home life has always been like and we empower each person to continue living how they wish to, with family-style dining experiences and we specialise in adapting everyday life so they can continue to experience everything that is important to them.  This could be feeling and looking good; getting exercise and fresh air;  enjoying their favourite hobbies or taking part in group and social events.  Some homes refer to activities and interests, we prefer to talk about life and living.

"We saw numerous compliments the staff had received describing the care staff’s ‘compassion’, ‘love’, ‘humility’ and ‘kindness’. Other compliments received described staff as being, ‘very sympathetic’, and the team as being, ‘wonderful’ and ‘exceptional’."

Are you interested in living at the Huntington and Langham Estate?

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