March Newsletter from the H&L Estate

When we first opened Langham Court, one resident commented that it was wonderful to feel of some use, and it has really stayed with me and remains at the heart of what we do across the Estate. Within Langham Court, The Butterfly Approach embeds this into our care culture.

Throughout March there have been great examples of the varied ways in which the team embrace the benefits of empowering our residents to not only regain confidence through the meaningful experiences we have shared, but embrace new skills and share in fun times together.

march news


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February Newsletter from the H&L Estate

Our team have done us all proud yet again, demonstrating how we will always go above and beyond, in the care we provide. 

This month for example, with the weather being so wet, they have invested time in creating activities including our Valentines Day party and cocktail making class, which always brings out a smile in everyone.

Love in the air

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Huntington and Langham Estate awarded highest level of independent accreditation.

Each year the Huntington & Langham Estate is independently audited to ensure we are providing care to the highest possible standard.

The most recent audit, undertaken yearly by a company called Meaningful Care Matters, took place at the end of last year, and after scrutinising everything from the homeliness of the environment and atmosphere to the amount and types of medication prescribed as well as the job satisfaction of the staff, the results are finally in.

Both care homes have been successfully re-accredited by Meaningful Care Matters with 10 levels in total, but only Levels 1-3 are given the prestigious accreditation accolade.

Huntington House achieving Level 1 Outstanding service with a model of care, which provides a meaningful engagement experience where people who access the service and who work at the service are ‘Free to be Me’. The environment is congruent with the model of care and represents the story and individual expressions of not only the people who utilize the service but reflects the identity of the organisation also.

Langham Court being awarded a Level 2 Excellent with a highly engaged service and high value on meaningful moments and a true person-centred philosophy, which is congruent in look, sound and feel as well as congruent with regulatory compliance requirements and the organisational mission vision and values. People’s individuality and expression is evident and on the most part people can express that freedom and be themselves. Some improvement opportunities are identified which would support greater expressions of meaningful moments and freedom.

Meaningful Care Matters focuses on the development of resilient relationship-centred cultures of care shaped by the people living and working within them where both ‘caregivers’ and recipients of care can flourish.

The reports for both homes state that accreditation has been achieved by providing evidence of a highly engaged service where people’s individuality and expression are evident, and people can express freedom and be themselves.

The report also provides areas for further improvement, and Charlie Hoare, Managing Director of The Huntington & Langham Estate, says “all credit to the team, as the audits are tough, but the feedback is invaluable. Not many care homes put themselves through it, but I think all should strive for the accreditation”.

For more information, please call the estate on 01428604600.

January Newsletter from the H&L Estate

Like many, January has been a month to plan for the year ahead, recover from the excitement of Christmas and New Year and take time to think about our health.

We may not have had a dry January, but we have been focused on eating well and in this months blog article, we share details about our approach to providing nutritious meals for our residents.

Winter Menu

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December Newsletter from the H&L Estate

December has been a very social month, with parties for residents and the team, visits from birds of prey and small furry animals, but the highlight was definitely Santa and Mrs Claus arriving on the H&L Elf Express during Christmas Week, to deliver our gifts.

The homemaking team have been absolutely amazing, bringing Christmas cheer into both homes, whilst being sensitive to the needs of those for whom this time of year can be difficult being away from family.Christmas day in a residential care home

Looking back over the highlights of 2023, it is inspiring to see all the fun outings and activities which have taken place, the delicious food prepared by the catering team and what a fantastic place the Estate is for our residents to live.

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A review of 2023 from the H&L Estate

We have had a wonderful year here at the Huntington and Langham Estate.

Join us in a review of the highlights, from fabulous food, to days in the sunshine and outings to our favourite places, we have shared fun days with friends and family, and are grateful for such a wonderful place to live!

Wishing you all a happy 2024.

Party time for the team at H&L Estate

We don’t often get the opportunity to all come together for a party, but this year it was time to reinstate the annual Christmas Staff party.

Taking over most of our local pub in Hindhead we had a great night and of course a few drinks to celebrate our achievements of 2023 and spend some quality time together as a team.

Team Christmas party time

Team Christmas party


November Newsletter from the H&L Estate

With the Christmas festivities about to get underway, it was time for some early gift shopping and to restock the decorations at Huntington House.  Charlie headed to Godalming College, to help the next generation of Health and Social Care Students expand their learning.

We honoured those who lost their lives in the line of duty this month, with displays of poppies around the grounds and the sales of knitted poppies, kindly made by Sarah.

The ladies of Huntington House enjoyed a morning of manicures and chat earlier in the month. Now the weather isn't so warm to explore the Estate the homemaking team have been planning a number of new indoor activities with the residents for the winter months.

Meaningful Moments in November


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October Newsletter from the H&L Estate

Creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to indulge in their hobbies, passions or simply head out to their favourite day trip spot, is at the heart of our approach to care and we always extend this to include friends and family to create shared experiences and special interactions.

That's certainly been this case throughout October here on the Estate

Welcome to Mr Kipling


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September Newsletter from the H&L Estate

Our focus during September has been very much around continuing to invest in our team's ability to deliver personalised care, with training sessions hosted by the Rare Dementia Support Society, during which we learned more about the rarer forms of Dementia, backed up by the team at Meaningful Care Matters delivering session 2 of our Butterfly course.

Meaningful Moments (8)


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