Reasons to work in care - H&L team on Glad to Care Week

5 Reasons to Work in Care | #GladtoCare Week

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane

Happy #GladtoCare Week!


Once again, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate the care industry and highlight some of the many amazing reasons to work in care.


From creating meaningful relationships to feeling a sense of purpose, there are so many amazing benefits to providing compassionate care to those that need it most.


Bess, a member of our H&L family, told us why she’s glad to care: “Because it’s so fulfilling. It’s absolutely lovely, and you get to know people; they become part of our family.”


Take a look at our video from last year’s celebrations:


Reasons to work in care - H&L team on Glad to Care Week


If making a positive difference to the lives of others is something you feel passionate about, take a look at some of our best reasons to work in care:


Reasons to Work in Care: Every Day is Different

No two days are the same when it comes to working in the care industry. Varied activity and event schedules, newcomers and family visits add an element of surprise to each day. It’s truly wonderful to experience the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that arise when residents discover a new hobby or make a new life-long friend.


You’ll Make Friends For Life

Caregiving is, by nature, a very sociable job. You’ll be interacting with residents and other caregivers on a daily basis, and you may even make a new friend for life.


Reasons to work in care - young carer laughing with elderly resident


Reasons to Work in Care: Caregiving is Incredibly Rewarding

Amidst all our other reasons to care, this is perhaps the most widely experienced benefit of caregiving.


Knowing that you’re making a positive difference to the lives of others is an incredibly rewarding feeling. Ensuring that residents are as comfortable and happy as they can be is always the end goal; and when you achieve that, it’s a wonderful feeling.


You’ll also provide peace of mind for the family members of residents; there’s no better feeling to know that your loved one is in good hands.


The Care Industry Offers Plentiful Opportunities for Career Progression

Many care homes and care groups offer training and qualifications of their own, offering passionate trainees the chance to learn on the job.


For those qualified as a trained nurse and/or carer there are many opportunities for progression. This can include roles such as team leader, senior nurse positions and/or management.


Reasons to work in care - young caregiver smiling with elderly lady


Reasons to Work in Care: The Care Industry Offers Flexible Hours

Caregiving is a 24/7 job. Many residents require both day and night care – and for staff, this means that, more often than not, they’re able to work shifts that fall anywhere within these hours (considering it fits within their job description).


This flexibility allows carers to live a better work-life balance – whether that involves working shifts around childcare or working shifts that allow you to pursue other hobbies and interests.


There are so many amazing reasons to work in the care industry. At Huntington and Langham Estate, we’re a family-owned and operated care home that delivers compassionate care to the Surrey community.


If you’d like to explore our vacancies, take a look at our website or contact a member of our team.


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