Remembrance Sunday: Our Hand-Crafted Cascade of Poppies

Posted on by Ricky

At Huntington and Langham Estate, when this time of year comes around, we always direct our thoughts towards those who risked their lives for us in World War I and II.

And so, to mark this year’s Remembrance Sunday, we’ve been getting crafty by rolling up our sleeves and making our own cascade of poppies to display at the memorial.

In just a few weeks, we’re delighted to have created over 200 poppies for the cascade. Set alongside the silhouette of a First World War soldier, our display will show our respect to those who fought for us, and honouring those who died – and, indeed, a few of our residents at the estate hold vivid memories of these incredibly tough times.

Our cascade benefits from a variety of different hand-crafting techniques; some poppies have been laminated from paintings, whilst others have been fashioned using the bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle – which has served to form the perfect shape of a poppy.

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday is always an important occasion here at the estate. Many of the people living with us experienced the war, with even more living through the aftermath, including rationing and the post-war building process. Consequently, we’re keenly aware of the sacrifice of previous generations, and we want to do what we can to honour their memory.

As caregivers, we’re so privileged to be able to hear first-hand stories from the war, and it’s important for those who experienced it to be able to talk about it if they wish, particularly if they lost someone close to them.

So, this Remembrance Sunday, we’ll be coming together to think of those who so bravely fought to save us.

We welcome anyone who wishes to share their thoughts and love at such a sensitive time; so do feel free to join us in thought, or send us a message via our website or social channels.