Jubilee Jubilations

Jubilee Jubilations

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane
What a glorious weekend of celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee!
It is not often that the whole nation celebrates a nonagenarian, but with Captain Tom’s fundraising, David Attenborough’s second knighthood, and of course the Queen’s Jubilee, we are being inspired to consider our nineties as a new age of opportunity and accomplishment. We are continually inspired by the many people living in Huntington House who have also achieved amazing things in their nineties.
  • A Lady (with a capital ‘L’) of ninety-five has recently self-published a book of her artwork and poetry, much of which has been created while living in the care home.
  • Another person of ninety knits and donates enough tiny woollen hats to supply most of the neonatal services at University College London Hospitals.

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee alongside such inspiring women of a similar age to Queen Elizabeth II, made it an empowering party for everyone in attendance; an opportunity to shake off the labels often associated with being ‘old’ and to shout about the contributions everyone can make in the world regardless of age or indeed gender and any other characteristic for that matter.

Jubilee Jubilee

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Long live the Queen, and even longer may we respect the valuable contributions of nonagenarians the world over.