Birds of Prey

A flying visit from Berkshire Birds of Prey

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane

What a day we had!

The team from Berkshire Birds of Pray joined us here at the Huntington & Langham Estate, to provide a flying display from a selection of owls, falcons and hawks.

Birds of prey display

We all joined them outside on the courtyard and were delighted to be able to handle some of these wonderful birds and see them up close.  They were very friendly and interactive and used to being with strangers, taking an aerial view of the Estate as they flew between us.

Charlie Hoare MD “It was heartwarming to see so many families enjoying time together at The Huntington & Langham Estate for the bird of prey display. The time when so many care homes were closed to visitors altogether due to COVID-19 still lurking in the back of people’s minds, not to mention the recent talk of a new variant, there was a defiant buzz at this event that seemed more akin to a village fete than an activity in a care home.

The birds of prey were indeed impressive; agile hawks, tiny baby owls and plenty in between. However, the most memorable moments of the day came from the interactions between family and friends; a daughter taking a selfie with their mother and an owl and laughing over it together, a shy grandchild being encouraged to hold a hawk almost as big as them, and a member of staff stroking the soft wings of a bird being held by a resident.

How well attended it was highlighted just how inclusive care homes can be. Perhaps care homes should be judged not by what they offer to their residents alone, but what they provide for whole families.”