Have you spotted our giant billboard?

Posted on by Ricky

At the beginning of March, the United Kingdom, along with the rest of the world, was forced into seclusion by the pandemic caused by coronavirus. This included care homes across the country, who, like us, had to restrict the much needed visits from friends and family. So, we put out a call for artwork from local children to help cheer up all of those living within our home during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Well the artwork just flooded in, with messages coming as far as Cheltenham, from the kind and caring preparatory attendees of Cheltenham College who spent their last day of term painting beautiful pictures for us all.

And in an effort to share the positivity and put a smile on faces across our local town of Hindhead, we commissioned a ginormous billboard, with one very special little lady’s artwork.

7 year old Faith, whose great-granny spent some time with us at Huntington House, created a wonderful message for those at our home, displaying the words ‘We want to ceep you safe!’ reflecting the need for all of us to remain within the home and forego visits from relatives so as to stay safe throughout the crisis.

Measuring a whopping 6 metres by 3 metres, the billboard stands at a roundabout on London Road in Hindhead.

Our call for artwork received a tremendously positive response, so we felt it only right that we projected that positivity back into our community. Amidst the many wonderful messages of support, Faith’s in particular stood out. Whilst holding up well at present, those within our home are facing hardship with missing out on seeing relatives and leaving the home. Faith’s words summed it up; these restrictions are about keeping everyone here on the Huntington and Langham Estate safe. Holding onto that thought throughout this crisis is key in our efforts to reach the other side.

There are so many incredibly positive stories emerging across the country, and here at Huntington and Langham, we want to do our bit to help. And we hope people can take heart from this heartfelt message in these troubling times.

So, if you’re heading down the London Road, and spot our huge banner, we hope the words inspire you to keep going. Do share a picture and tag us on social media, using the hashtag #CeepSafe.

You can also send us your drawings and messages of support to us at huntington@picpr.com, where we shall share them with all in our home, across our social media channels, and maybe even on a giant billboard for all to see and take inspiration from…