Sourcing the Best PPE for our Care Home

Posted on by Ricky

At our care home in Surrey, we’re benefiting from extra protection during the coronavirus pandemic, having been supplied with the highest standard of air filtration masks available – with the masks coming from a firm originally founded by someone from our home.

Cam Lock, a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of personal protection life support systems, has supplied us with multiple Cam Lock Matrix Full Face Mask Respirators.

Incidentally, one of the original founders behind Cam Lock, was one of the first to live at Langham Court, which we built in 2013.

Our utmost priority is the safety of the people within our homes. Cam Lock’s Matrix masks maximise protection, greatly reducing the risk of any airborne viral particles spreading around the home, while they’re especially important when it comes to reducing the risks involved with aerosol generating procedures carried out by staff.

PPE has been tough to come by in some instances, with visors in particular being hard to find. Local schools have been wonderful in helping us with the supply of masks, with some kindly donating their science lab safety specs, helping us with eye protection.

The great thing about the Matrix masks though is that, not only do they offer high grade filtration, they’re also re-usable. The majority of PPE is single use, which means we have to establish a constant flow of supplies, something that’s proving particularly difficult given the scale of the demand. However, thanks to the opportunity for repeat use, Cam Lock’s contribution helps to reduce the strain on our supply chain.

Protecting the nose, mouth and eyes the one-size-fits-all masks are fitted with a P3 high efficiency particulate filter, which protects against the micro-organism particles of coronavirus. With a high-quality distortion-free optical visor, glasses wearers can incorporate them via integration of a prescription spectacle frame – meaning everyone can use them.

Cam Lock ramped up production of their Matrix full face mask respirator when they became aware of the urgent need for PPE equipment for all health and front line workers. 

The Matrix face mask has excellent vision and speech transmission, and breathing resistance is as if you’re not wearing a mask at all. It makes us feel much safer, more secure and gives us confidence in being protected from cross infection should a resident become ill with Coronavirus.

So far, we’ve been managing very well in containing any risk from the virus. The masks though offer that extra level of protection; serving to reassure both residents and staff that we’re going above and beyond when it comes to providing the appropriate levels of PPE.

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