Residents on the terrace

Is residential care right for you?

Posted on by Ricky

If you, or a loved one, are finding it difficult to live
independently, then residential care may be the best route to take for the next
chapter. Not only does professional care provide residents and their families
with reassurance, but it also offers a sense of security that’s often not
achieved when living alone.


Residential care isn’t quite as all-embracing as nursing
care. Whilst residents are provided with nutritious meals each day and helped
with personal care, they have access to their own accommodation and en-suite
bathroom. The Huntington and Langham accommodation also provides residents with
television and telephone points, as well as luxurious lounges and a
conservatory for socialising with others. Our carers are always onsite,
willingly providing assistance with everyday tasks as and when needed; but
those in residential care are, first and foremost, afforded independence.


Our residential care accommodation is surrounded by scenic
gardens, and features an onsite bar and café. Residents are invited on regular
trips out in Surrey, and have the opportunity to take part in activities that
are suited to each individual’s residential care needs. These can include
baking, gardening and pet therapy. Visitors are, of course, welcome, and we
encourage our residents to make the most of socialising opportunities.


Although residential care provides the ability to live
independently, it can still be difficult to make the decision as to whether
this transition is the best option for your loved one. Feelings of sadness,
guilt and relief are all common – but if you’re caring for a loved one and
struggling to juggle this with other commitments, then it will be within both
yours and their best interests to seek extra help. If you’re considering this
option, take the time to speak with your loved one about how they would feel about
moving into residential care. It might be worth enlisting the help of a
professional carer when discussing these options if it proves to be too difficult.  


If you think your loved one could benefit from a little help
with daily tasks, but is still able to live independently, then residential
care could be an ideal long-term solution for both them and you. You’ve got
nothing to lose by simply taking a look around a property, discovering
everything that they have to offer. If you’d like to explore residential care
in more detail, click here to speak to a
member of our team.