Celebrating Christmas at Huntington House

Posted on by Ricky

At our residential care home in Surrey, we can’t quite believe we’ve reached the end of another year – it seems to have flown by, although it’s undoubtedly been a rollercoaster ride for many.

We’re not letting the final few weeks of the year pass us by without a celebration or two – and so, in anticipation of the festive season, we’ve been taking the opportunity to accessorise our home and indulge in some Christmas-sy arts and crafts.

Creating a Festive Window Display

We began our festivities, of course, by creating displays around our home for all to see. We dressed our window sills with winter village-themed scenes, offering a visual treat for those inside and outside.

Appreciating the Natural Beauty that Surrounds Us

Neigh-d we say more?

Enjoying a Special Visit From Local Carol Singers

This month, we were very fortunate to receive a very special visit from a group of local carol singers. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit?

Connecting With Our Local Community

At our residential care home in Surrey, we were absolutely delighted to receive a hand-painted wreath from a very talented group of little artists.

Some of the children from the local preschool were kind enough to send us a wonderful piece of artwork this month, created with their very own small hands. It’s certainly brought a wealth of festive joy to all at the estate!

Making Our Very Own Christmas Crowns

Who said there could only be three kings?

This year, we’ve been turning all of our residents into royalty. They’ve loved making their very own shiny crowns, before modelling them – and, of course, enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

And, of course… not forgetting the all-important Christmas tree.

This year, we’ve not only decorated our tree… we’ve created our own ones, too, to be displayed around the home!

Adding the Finishing Touches…

Once we had enjoyed the beginning of our festive celebrations, we still had a few decorations to dot around. After scattering a few twinkling fairy lights, dressing our mantlepiece and embellishing a few more window sills, our home had officially become a winter wonderland!

A Festive Throwback…

We couldn’t finish this article without sharing a wonderful festive throwback. Here’s a reminder of Christmas 2016 at the estate, where our residents enjoyed a visit from one of our furry friends!

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