Special guests at Huntington and Langham Estate
15th August

Special guests at Huntington and Langham Estate

At Huntington and Langham Estate, we’re always delighted to welcome anyone who needs our support, as well as their families, offering a hand to hold and a friendly face. From offering day to full-time residential care, our carers are dedicated to tailoring their care to each and every individual need.


We’ve been lucky enough to provide our care to a former anaesthetist, Bruce, who has been living at Huntington House since undergoing some major surgery at The Royal Surrey hospital. It was Bruce’s wish to stay living in Grayshott, having lived there all his life – so finding somewhere that was both familiar and offered the support he needed was highly important.


Although Bruce’s mental health had remained positive following the surgery, his physical health required some extra support. We’ve since been speaking to Bruce’s daughter, Sarah, who told us of Bruce’s initial resistance to the idea of moving into a care home. We were thrilled to hear that, after searching the area for a suitable option, Bruce has never looked back since his move into Huntington House.


During Bruce’s journey as an anaesthetist, he had watched many of the local GPs continue their careers at Huntington House, a place that he knew of throughout his career – but one he had not initially envisioned as somewhere to reside in his own golden years. Do click here to watch our full interview with Sarah.


Our history of care at Huntington House has also involved a former GP, a gentleman whom it was a pleasure to care for. We also currently have a former district nurse staying with us – a lady who worked at a local GP surgery just a few years back.


We’d also like to share a particularly special story, featuring a paediatric anaesthetist who lived with us at Langham Court a few years ago. After several attempts to leave the building, presumably to try and go to work, the on-site carers provided him with a doll, stethoscope and crib, which he placed next to his bed. He was then able to re-enact the fundamentals of his job, putting his caring nature into action and satisfying his need to look after others. He proceeded to drape the curtain over the doll as a blanket, and used the stethoscope to check the ‘baby’. His bedroom was thereon transformed into a consultancy room, and after this, he didn’t try to leave the building again.


It’s stories like these that really make daily life at Huntington and Langham Estate special. Our mission is to make our people as happy and comfortable as possible, taking the fear away from the complications that come with age.


If you’d like to find out more about our care at the estate, please click here.

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