Could You Be Part of Our Family? Expanding Our Care Home in Surrey New Drone Imagery
24th December

Could You Be Part of Our Family?: Expanding Our Care Home in Surrey [New Drone Imagery]

At our care home in Surrey, we’re thrilled to be expanding our space.

With more space per resident, and more staff than most other dementia homes, we’re proud to offer a family-centred approach to care.


Our friends come in all shapes and sizes at the estate, too - with a whole family of sheep inhabiting our extensive grounds.

After the difficult year we’ve all experienced, we’re delighted to be undertaking an extension. It will see 12 new bedrooms added to our offering, alongside two additional lounges for our lovely residents to enjoy. In addition, a new wheelchair friendly road will provide access to more areas of our estate, including our animal grazing fields and parts of the woodland.

We can’t wait to share the results with you. Watch this space… we’re anticipating project completion by spring 2021!  

If you’d like to make an enquiry or book a virtual viewing of our home, please do contact a member of our team


A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the concept of ‘family-centred care’, and what it means for all of us at the estate. Take a look at our previous article to find out more.

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