Baking recipes to try this summer
18th July

Baking recipes to try this summer

There’s no time like the summer to try out some new baking recipes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The sweetness of fresh berries and citrus fruits that come around at this time of year can really add a refreshing kick to desserts, perfect for an outdoor dinner party in the summer months. If you find that you’ve got some spare time over the summer, or you’re looking to revive that long-lost baking hobby, why not try out a few of the delicious recipes below?


Pimm’s trifle

Pimm’s and trifle, independently, are deliciously indulgent summer treats and, consequently, popular treats on a sunny day. The fruity flavour of Pimm’s make it the ideal accompaniment to a traditional British trifle – but rather than having it as a cocktail in a separate glass, why not incorporate it within the trifle itself? A cheeky yet unapologetic amalgamation of ingredients, these boozy mini-trifles are perfect for a summer party with family and friends.


No-bake cheesecake jars

These mini cheesecake jars can be made in next to no time, and they really do look the part. Diverting slightly from the typical whole cheesecake, these mini cheesecake jars can make for a tasty accompaniment to top off a dinner party. The pretty decoration and unique serving jars make these look incredibly elegant; your guests will never know how long it really took you to make them!


Mini strawberry and vanilla shortcake

This recipe is ideal for those who prefer something light at the end of a meal. These individual, canapé-like desserts are perfect for handing out to guests at dinner parties. They look incredibly attractive, and feature the unfailing combination of strawberries and cream. They are, essentially, a take on a scone with jam and cream that you might otherwise find in a cream tea – but look much more suitable for parties.


Caramel passion fruit slices

These sweet treats are a summer twist on the classic millionaire’s shortbread. Closely resembling this popular dessert in appearance, a buttery shortbread biscuit forms the base, which is followed by a tropical passion fruit caramel, and topped with a layer of dark chocolate. These slices do, undoubtedly, take a little longer to make and require a considerable list of ingredients – but if you’re looking for a challenge, however, or have a few spare hours, the end result is well worth it!


Lemon and blueberry Bundt cake

Taking its name from the Bundt pan which is responsible for its distinctive shape, the Bundt cake was developed in the United States. Traditionally characterised by a ring-shaped sponge with a hole that runs through the middle, this cake is easy to cut into portions and also creates better sponges more frequently, since the heat is distributed more evenly during cooking. Adding something slightly different to your kitchen this summer, it’s certainly worth a try. Lemon and blueberry, a classic flavour combination, works great when paired with a Bundt sponge; see here for more details. Whichever recipe you decide to try your hand at this summer, you – and your dinner party guests – will, no doubt, be in for a taste experience!

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