1st June

Transitioning into day care – taking the time to trust our team

Making the decision to come along to Langham Court for day care is a big deal, as there can be many different health, mobility or confidence barriers to overcome before stepping out the door to come and join in the fun – but once you’ve arrived at the Huntington & Langham Estate, you’ll be so glad you did.

Our expert staff are here to assist as much as possible with that transition into day care, as we want to make sure you enjoy yourself here in our Day Centre. If you would rather just spend the mornings with us until you get used to coming, that’s absolutely fine – in fact, this was the case for JP in the featured photograph!

When JP first started coming to see us at day care, he would come for the morning and happily head home with his carer at 12:30 before lunch was served. As time went on and JP got to know the team better, he began to feel safer and we suggested he stayed for lunch with his son. This was the next gentle step in his journey and one that he took very happily, with lunch being a very social occasion here at Langham Court.

It wasn't long before the final step was taken, and JP joined us for a whole day. It took many weeks altogether to reach this point, which we believe highlights the importance of respecting people’s emotional needs as well as their physical ones. Our Day Centre operates two days a week and JP comes along on both days, taking part in every activity we offer – and he thoroughly enjoys the social interaction with his new friends.

At the Huntington & Langham Estate, we understand that it can take a while for individuals to feel safe when they first join us at the Day centre, as they’re out of their comfort zone in a new environment. Many people who join us are used to spending most of their time at home with their loved ones, and to suddenly be apart from them can cause anxiety. Because of this, we are very respectful of people’s needs and value the importance of allowing people time and space to adjust to new surroundings and a new routine.

If you or a loved one could benefit from joining us at day care, why not give it a try? A very warm welcome awaits.

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