How We Dance to a Different Tune

At Huntington and Langham Estate, we’re always thinking of fresh, innovative ways we can improve our residents’ quality of life; whether that’s incorporating new activities into our schedules, fulfilling bucket list wishes, or collaborating with external brands for a taste of something different.


Jelly Drops

During the height of the summer months, we’re particularly careful about making sure our residents are sufficiently hydrated. In some cases, it’s not always easy to encourage residents to consume their recommended daily water intake. When we heard about Jelly Drops, we were excited to see how they could help those that live with us. 

With a variety of colours and flavours on offer, the round-shaped fruity bursts have a 95% water content, administering a healthy dose of hydration in the tastiest way possible. We can’t thank Jelly Drops enough for their wonderful hydration solution; it’s certainly spread some cheer throughout our home!

Virtual Reality with Surrey University

At the estate, we want our residents to make the most of our surrounding nature - but unfortunately, for some, this proves to be a challenge. When we heard about Surrey University’s virtual reality initiative, we were really excited at the prospect of giving our residents the opportunity to explore the Surrey countryside from the comfort of their own home.

With a 180 degree projector, our residents were able to fully immerse themselves in our local area, without ever stepping outside the front door. From reliving their favourite surrounding nature walks to seeing farm animals in real-time, it was wonderful to see their eyes light up as they re-discovered the wonders of our surroundings.

Fulfilling Bucket List Wishes

From modelling for the cover of British Vogue magazine one more time, to taking a ride on the back of a Harley Davidson, fulfilling our residents' bucket list wishes is always a delightfully fun experience for us all.

This year saw our lovely resident Lesley, who, in her younger years regularly modelled for Vogue, take to the camera one more time. She looked truly wonderful; it was plain to see that modelling certainly comes naturally to her!

Fulfilling Bucket List Wishes

Barbara, another of our lovely residents, expressed a slightly different bucket list wish. After an encounter with a Harley Davidson motorbike in her earlier years, it had become her lifelong wish to get back on the seat just one more time. And so, we arranged for the Harley Davidson team to visit us at the estate, with one of their magnificent motorbikes, to take Barbara on a ride around the estate. It's safe to say she had the time of her life!

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