Hugs in a Bag’ Spread Cheer through our Home

Posted on by Ricky

We were absolutely thrilled to receive a lovely, thoughtful gift from 8-year-old Savannah who goes to school in Hindhead.

Having been inspired by a socially distanced visit to her Grandmother, Savannah wanted to spread some cheer amongst the people living here at the Huntington & Langham Estate.

Hug in a bag

To do so she hit upon the idea of creating a ‘hug in a bag’, which involved tying two colourful handprints together by string, and inviting those living on the Estate to drape them around their necks, before wrapping the hands around themselves to emulate a hug.

During the pandemic, with visits restricted due to coronavirus precautions, it’s was a wonderful gesture which helped the people here benefit from the sentiment of a hug whilst still being physically unable to hug their family and friends.

Savannah, who attends the Royal Junior School in Hindhead, put each individual ‘hug’ into a bag, which were then delivered to the Estate, where we subsequently distributed them amongst our residents – all of whom were delighted by the gesture.

It’s such a lovely idea and it’s proven to be a real hit with our residents. The sentiment behind it is really touching, and everyone was overjoyed to receive the hugs from Savannah.

The necessities of social distancing during lockdown has meant that visits from relatives and friends have been off limits. While we’ve been doing all that we can to keep everyone’s spirits up and working hard to keep people connected, Savannah’s efforts have really struck a chord with those living on the Estate. We’re very grateful for all of her hard work and kindness in creating these.

At the Huntington & Langham, we very much see ourselves as part of the local community – and really value any contributions from those living locally or indeed beyond.

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