Our New Extension is Underway: Behind the Scenes

Posted on by Ricky

There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult year so far, and so we love taking the opportunity to spread joy wherever possible. We’re delighted to share the latest updates on our new extension, which looks to ensure that our residents have larger spaces in which to live – ultimately enhancing their quality of life, allowing them to receive an even more personalised experience. The new extension also means that we can allow for additional room to support social distancing.


Our extension, which is currently under construction, will see 12 new bedrooms added to our offering, alongside two additional lounges for our lovely residents to enjoy. In addition, a new wheelchair friendly road will provide access to more areas of our estate, including our animal grazing fields and parts of the woodland.


A newly built road in our outdoor space, too, will provide greater access to our scenic grounds for our residents, encouraging them to spend more time amongst nature; something that we try to maximise as much as possible in the current circumstances. 


Ultimately, opting for 12 rooms allows us to welcome more residents, but it also helps us to maintain our ethos, which is to present a familiar, homely environment that’s focused on household living. Limiting it to 12 rooms also means we’re able to allocate ample space for everyone to live comfortably and safely.


In addition to the extra rooms, our extension will double the communal space for existing bedrooms, allowing for two additional lounge areas, which will offer spectacular views over the valley. Alongside added space, our residents will benefit from more choice as to where they go in the home; be that a lounge with a television, or a quieter lounge further down the hallway. They will also have more choice around activities. For instance, those who opt to dine early can do so in one lounge, while those who prefer to eat later can chat, play cards, read and more in the other.


With the new extension underway, at the estate we’re most excited about the potential for the homes to be really bespoke. Our living areas are broken up into separate ‘households’ within the home, and the extension means we’ll have five households, all of which can now be tailored and individualised to suit specific needs. The environment at Huntington & Langham is adapted to suit the lifestyle of the people living in it. Additional space gives us more opportunity to adapt to suit people’s interests and hobbies. Everyone using the same lounge doesn’t allow for that freedom of expression.


Extra space is beneficial for all. With coronavirus still a very real risk, it gives both residents and staff more room for manoeuvre on a day-to-day basis, allowing them to keep appropriate distance as needed. Risk isn’t just limited to COVID-19, however. Older people are more susceptible to other commonly circulating infections, such as the flu or colds. Enhanced space helps to reduce infection risk even when the pandemic has eventually passed.


Amongst our family here at the estate, the extension is something we’ve long had plans for; but now, more than ever, increased space is a necessity. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the new areas come into being – and we can’t wait to share the results with you. Watch this space… we’re anticipating project completion by March 2021.