Elderly Respite Care in Surrey

Posted on by Ricky

Take a tour of our Luxury Residential and Specialist Dementia Care Home

Welcome to Huntington and Langham Estate, a family-owned and operated care facility in the heart of Surrey. With a person-centred approach to care at the core of its offering, our dedicated team focuses on providing residential, respite, nursing and dementia care with dignity, compassion and inclusivity.

Quality respite care in Surrey

Our care homes offers high-quality elderly respite care in Surrey, offering older adults and their family members a peaceful, safe retreat for professional care and companionship.  With a healthy mix of private and communal areas, our residents have plenty of opportunities to socialise and indulge in individual activities.

At our estate, our residents love taking part in group activities – from seasonal arts and crafts to baking. Be sure to check out our Facebook page regularly so you don’t miss a thing!

Take a private tour of the Estate

At our home for elderly respite care in Surrey, we’re currently hosting private tours of our beautiful grounds for all those keen to take an exclusive look at our outdoor space.

Experiencing our estate first-hand will allow you to feel the family-centred culture that’s so central to our individualised care plans. You’ll not only have the opportunity to meet our family (human and animal alike); you’ll have the chance to breathe in the fresh Surrey countryside air that surrounds us.

family centred care approach

No matter the service we provide, whether that’s residential, nursing, dementia or respite care, our team is dedicated to taking a family-centred approach.

From adopting holistic practices to connecting with the local community wherever possible, it’s person-centred care, but with a Huntington and Langham twist. Read our article to find out more about our unique approach to care.

If you’d like to book a guided tour of the exterior of our elderly care home in Surrey, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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