What’s the difference between respite care and day care?

Posted on by Ricky

Whilst caregiving can be rewarding, it can also be extremely
demanding – both physically and mentally. When a loved one becomes ill, it’s
almost by instinct that we want to take care of them – but in doing so, it can
be all too easy to forget about our own health and wellbeing, particularly if
this is juggled alongside a full-time job and looking after children. Taking
time out to look after yourself, as a carer, is important for your caregiving
responsibilities, since being exhausted can prevent you from providing the best
care possible.


Respite and day care options can be ideal for those who both
provide and require at-home care, giving the carer a much needed break and their
loved one opportunities to interact with others whilst receiving support.


Respite care

Respite care options are ideal for carers who are looking to
take a short break away from their day-to-day responsibilities. Available for
1-4 weeks at a time, respite care at Huntington House and Langham Court offers
full-time care to those who need it, allowing their carers to take some time
out. Whether you’ve planned a holiday or you’re needed elsewhere at short
notice, respite care offers help in both emergency and pre-planned situations.


At The Huntington and Langham Estate, we realise the
importance of carers dedicating some time to boosting their own physical and
mental health. Carers can relax in the knowledge that their loved ones are
looked after in their absence, as they’re offered an exciting selection of activities,
freshly cooked meals with locally sourced ingredients and beautiful gardens. We
encourage all of our residents – no matter their length of stay – to get
involved and make new friends, whilst being as independent as possible.


Day care

Similarly to respite care, day care is usually given as an
opportunity for at-home carers to take some time out for themselves – a day at
a time, rather than a whole week or more. At Langham Court, we open our day
care doors twice per week, welcoming people from all walks of life who need
extra support with daily routines. Our day care service provides visitors with
opportunities to meet new people, a nutritious three course meal, refreshments
and homemade cakes. We like our visitors to feel part of a community, no matter
their length of stay.


Although caring for a loved one is an important
responsibility to take on, you should never feel that it has to consume your whole
life, or feel guilty for taking time out. Your health and wellbeing, as a
carer, is equally as important. To speak to a member of our team about our care
options, please click here.