Cheering us up with your Creative Gifts

Posted on by Ricky

With the dreaded coronavirus resulting in the closure of schools, shops, and public places across the UK, as well as the restriction of loved ones visiting our homes, we reached out to you, our loyal friends and family to help bring a little intergenerational cheer to our home.

Dozens of you, children and youngsters, shared via email with us messages of encouragement and hope, alongside beautiful artwork.

From drawings and paintings to gingerbread men and lego buildings, we’ve digitally received a plethora of wonderful creations that we’ve printed off and shared with the people at our home.

We have all been truly delighted and inspired by what we have received.

Whilst there’s plenty of space in our 30-acres of garden and woodland, we desperately wanted to keep old of our connection to life outside the estate, especially when it comes to relationships with the younger members of society.

Restricting visits from grandchildren and great grandchildren has been tough for all of us on the estate, so we need to do what we can to maintain those intergenerational relationships.

We’ve had some lovely pictures sent to us for Mother’s Day, drawings of rainbows, flowers, cats, dogs and other animals, as well as supportive messages urging residents to stay safe. These haven’t just been restricted to local youngsters, with some coming from further afield, including a picture collage from Year 1 pupils at Cheltenham College Preparatory School who created artwork on their last day of school before closing.

These gifts have been a real ray of sunshine amongst the gloom. And we’re still very much welcoming more, so if you’d like to share some artwork with us; please do get in touch. Our residents will be thrilled – as will our staff who are continuing to offer vital care services in very difficult circumstances.