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Butterfly Training Session one

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane

May has seen the start of our 2023 Butterfly project, with our new home action team joined by Sally Knocker from Meaningful Care Matters to deliver session one of the programme.

Butterfly Training Day

With a number of new members of the team if was a fantastic introduction to our approach to Dementia care at Langham Court and a brilliant refresher for the team.

Butterfly Training Session one

The focus of the day was centred around developing listening skills and enhancing our ability to engage with those living with Dementia and each other.

A third focus of the day was using dancing to create meaningful moment and fun to our interactions with each other.

I was inspired by the importance of  enabling the people who live here at Langham Court to have positive experiences, by creating a true and comfortable home environment by focusing on the emotional psychological and spiritual needs of each person, whilst caring for their physical needs.

Helen – Nurse at Langham Court  

Helen - Nurse at Langham Court


The Butterfly approach is intrinsic in the Dementia Care offered at Langham Court, making us stand out as one of the leading specialist dementia care homes.

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