Butterfly Care

Butterfly Care at Langham Court

Posted on by Nicky Macfarlane

Langham Court is our specialist dementia care home in Hindhead, Surrey. We are a specialist dementia care home as we are accredited for using the butterfly approach.

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 Butterfly Accredited Care

At Langham Court, we are fully accredited as a Butterfly Home. The accreditation is provided by Meaningful Care Matters.  You can read more about Butterfly Care here.

 Butterfly Care Training

All our members of the Langham Court Team are trained and practiced in the Butterfly Approach.

It’s important we provide a continuous professional development structure for our staff, which includes Butterfly care refreshment training.

As part of our recent Butterfly care training in November 2021, we spent some time to create and agree to a list of very important “Wills and Wonts” at Langham Court.

This is our mantra at Langham Court. Please take time to read.


  • Smile
  • Be friendly and open
  • Be kind
  • Offer respect
  • Listen
  • Show people they matter
  • Give choices as to how people will spend their day
  • Be caring and loving
  • Engage and interact with people
  • Help people feel loved and appreciated
  • Take time to find out individuals’ favourite foods and offer these – “I’ve brought you some of the chocolate you like.”
  • Bring laughter and fun
  • Be approachable
  • Let people lie in and stay in bed if that’s where they want to be
  • Offer affectionate touch – taking my hand or touching my shoulder
  • Show kindness and consideration – “I saw this and thought of you”
  • Spend time chatting and getting to know people
  • Tell stories about our lives which might spark interest and conversations
  • Talk to me first and ask before doing a task
  • Support people to do the things people used to enjoy doing
  • Give those who loved their pets contact with animals
  • Bring some excitement – “Shall we go outside for an adventure?”


  • Shout – talk with a loud voice
  • Ignore people
  • Be task focused and not talk to people
  • Tell people what to do
  • Show anger to people or be aggressive
  • Treat someone like they are stupid
  • Use harsh language or commands
  • Tell people when to go to bed
  • Leave people in bed all day
  • Wake people up when they don’t want to
  • Speak to someone like they are a child
  • Do things to people without telling them what is happening
  • Talk about someone in front of them
  • Make people feel they are not included or listened to
  • Put people down and disregard feelings
  • Label people
  • Say “That’s not good for you” or “That’s not safe”
  • Stop people from eating the things they enjoy.
  • Make people eat when they aren’t hungry
  • Force people to do things they’ve disliked all their life


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