The first friendly face you’re likely to meet here at the Huntington & Langham Estate

I’m Louise and I take care of the goings-on here at the Huntington & Langham Estate, a truly stunning place in every sense of the word. With two wonderful homes onsite, we offer a very high standard of residential, nursing and dementia care, adopting the pioneering All Care Matters approach. If you’re interested in having a look around and would like to find out more about the care we can provide here, it’ll most likely be me you’ll meet first!

I’m a fully-qualified nurse and honed my skills with hospital experience; I’m honoured to be part of this team and incredibly proud of the fact that in addition to staying at the forefront of all medical and care advances, we’re dedicated to supporting the emotional wellbeing of the people living here, as it’s equally as important.

Choosing care is a tough decision, whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, and I’m here to make the process as straightforward as possible for everyone involved. Call me any time at all (really!) and whether you choose the Huntington & Langham Estate for residential, nursing or dementia care in Surrey or not, I’d be more than happy to help you through this transition.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and taking you through all the things that make us different, like how we don’t wear uniforms, we don’t follow set routines… after all, you wouldn’t in your own house so why would you here? This is a real home, not a hotel, and we want it to feel that way for everyone who lives here.

Come and experience the real homely feel we have here whenever you’re ready to and I’ll be here to show you around.

All the best, Louise

Meet the Family behind our award winning dementia care

The Huntington & Langham Estate has been in the safe hands of the Hoare family since 1977, when Marilyn made the decision to turn Huntington House into a first-class care home. We opened our doors a year later, and four decades on, we still maintain the highest standards of care, with our family and expert staff pushing the boundaries by offering pioneering care in beautiful surroundings. With Marilyn and Geoff still very much involved, and brother and sister Charlie and Sarah at the helm, you’ll find high-quality care and compassion at the heart of our home. Here are their stories:

Charlie Hoare, Director at Huntington and Langham

Charlie Hoare, Director

"It was brilliant growing up here at Huntington House, and I most certainly share my parents’ passion of wanting to help everyone in our care and make their lives as happy, healthy and stimulating as possible. Huntington House has a fantastic reputation that we have worked very hard to achieve, and Langham Court, which was built in 2013, offers ‘Outstanding’ dementia care – I couldn’t be prouder of this and hope that we can keep providing such fantastic care to the people living here for many years to come."

Sarah Chapman, Director at Huntington and Langham

Sarah Chapman, Director

"I love how we’re a big family here at the Huntington & Langham Estate, with my parents, brother, husband and children all here, and our extended family of staff and residents – it really makes this place special. I’m so proud of what my parents have achieved over the past 40 years, providing such high-quality care to this area over an incredibly long period.

With Langham Court now offering ‘Outstanding’ specialist dementia care and Huntington House still offering first-rate residential and nursing care

, I’m excited to see what the next 40 years shall bring for us all."

Geoff Hoare, Director at Huntington and Langham

Geoff Hoare, Director

"When I first met Marilyn, her passionate approach to elderly care really moved me. We married in 1984 and at this point, I became a Director here, with a mission to create the best possible environment for our residents to enjoy. From early extensions to current renovations, along with the build of Langham Court – which I’m pleased to say provides ‘Outstanding’ care – I have made sure that the high standards everyone expects from us have always been upheld. I couldn’t be prouder of what Marilyn has achieved, creating one of the very best care homes in the county, if not the country."

Marilyn Hoare, Director at Huntington and Langham

Marilyn Hoare, Director

"I never thought that when I purchased Huntington House back in 1977 as a derelict building that I would be standing here over 40 years on, having made such a difference to many local people in their later years. It took three months to renovate the building with a lot of hard work between myself and Jimmy – my magnificent maintenance man – and I feel so privileged to still be a part of it today. It’s an absolute honour seeing how much we help so many people each and every day, which is what inspired me to start out in the first place."

Our entire team at the Huntington & Langham Estate is part of the family, as we all share the same ethos that all care matters, and everyone is willing to go the extra mile to keep our residents happy and healthy. Here are just five of the many friendly faces you’ll see around our homes – be sure to say hello when you come and see us!

Julie Drake, Manager at Langham

The people living at Huntington & Langham who keep us all smiling

It’s wonderful getting to know people from all walks of life, all with their own fascinating stories to tell and with many of them from the neighbouring villages of Liphook, Grayshott and Hindhead or the town of Haslemere. Here are some of the people living here telling their own tales.

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The team behind the Huntington & Langham Estate

For 40 years now, we’ve been working hard to maintain a fantastic team at all times, and we feel that as soon as anyone joins the team at the Huntington & Langham Estate, they instantly become part of the family.

Our dedicated team of caregivers work around the clock to provide the best-quality residential, nursing and dementia care in Surrey

, working together to keep everyone living here happy, healthy and safe. Here's what a few of them have to say about the Huntington & Langham Estate in Hindhead:

Huntington and Langham Team Member caring for resident

Could you be the next member of the Huntington & Langham Estate's team?

If you’ve been inspired by our stories about nursing, residential and dementia care in Surrey and want to be a part of our fantastic team, check our current vacancies for a suitable role. If you find something ideal for your skills and you share our ethos and want to provide high-quality, compassionate care, we would love to hear from you.

And if you live locally in somewhere like Liphook, Haslemere, Hindhead or Grayshott, why not just pop in and ask about our available opportunities?

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