5 Ways Residential Care Improves Quality of Life

Posted on by Ricky

Are you thinking of seeking residential assisted living options for your loved one?

Facing the prospect that your loved one may need additional assistance can be a difficult reality to accept. Caring for a family member at home is rarely easy, particularly if you’re trying to juggle it with other responsibilities.

Whether you’re simply looking to take a short break, or you’re looking for more permanent options for your loved one, we share 5 benefits we have seen residential assisted living options improve quality of life.

1. Boosted Sense of Security and Peace of Mind

Having the ability to feel safe and secure in your home environment should never be underestimated. If you’re unsure as to whether your loved one would benefit from residential living, consider whether their current home environment is suitable for their needs.

Depending on their personal requirements, you may feel that they would be safer with carers on hand to support their daily activities.

If you feel your loved one would be more comfortable in their familiar surroundings, it’s important to take some time to assess the space. Think about whether they need the addition of mobility aids, larger gaps between furniture, non-slip materials, etc.

You can find more information about adjusting your loved one’s home on the Age UK website.

residential assisted living: mobility aids at home

2. Companionship and Friends For Life

Loneliness can take prevalence in many of our lives; particularly for older people who live alone.  At Huntington and Langham Estate, we think that no-one should ever feel lonely.

Companionship is something we focus on heavily, and we regularly encourage our staff and residents to take part in group activities.

At a residential care home, you really do make friends for life and an invaluable sense of companionship that your loved one may be otherwise missing.

Friends for life

3. Residents Benefit From a Personalised Care Plan

With a professional care team on-site 24/7, at a residential home, your loved one can rest in the peace of mind that their personal needs are attended to as and when needed.

With a tailored, person-centred care plan to support their care, any support your loved one receives will always be designed around their individual preferences, how they like to live their life, whilst always looking to provide them with a positive experience.

4. Access to Nutritious, Tailored Meals

Keeping your loved one well-fed with three nutritious meals a day can be incredibly challenging when you’re balancing caregiving responsibilities family and work.

At our estate, we take this pressure away from at-home caregivers by providing nutritionally planned, delicious home-cooked meals to our residents on a daily basis in our restaurant.

Designed to meet dietary preferences, our meal plans strike a balance between providing tasty, wholesome meals, and a sense of indulgence with attention given to personal favourites.

Dining room Huntington house


5. Fun, Stimulating Activities in a Home-From-Home

Many homes curate stimulating, carefully designed activity plans that help to keep their residents engaged.

At our estate, we try to include a good mixture of on-site and off-site activities that stimulate different aspects of the human body. For example, arts and crafts are great for fine motor skills – whilst a stroll around our grounds is ideal for building muscle strength.

Residential assisted living facilities offer a bounty of benefits to older people, as well as their loved ones. They’re designed to offer the best possible care to residents, whilst making daily life as enjoyable as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about us and our care, do take a few minutes to browse our website. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team if you’d like to arrange a virtual tour.

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